A Lenten Plea

Beloved Brethren,

Sometimes this is the prayer I feel the need to pray.  Maybe you will also find it helpful as a Lenten plea.

As deeply as we sometimes struggle with sin, never forget the love of God is greater than our sinfulness, the mercies of God greater than any guilt, and the power of God sufficient to overthrow any stronghold resident in our lives. The passion and shed blood of Christ – this is always our sure remedy.

Also remember that the purpose of Lent is not to mope about in some stupor of condemnation. It is rather a means to bring us afresh, with great rejoicing, to the matchless grace of God.

Such a long title this prayer has.

God’s blessings attend you, children, on this first Lenten day in Passiontide.

Fr. Wayne

“How Many Times have I Promised, Yet Every Time I Failed to Keep My Word but Disregard This According to Thy Grace”

  • Grant forgiveness, O Lord, send also strength. Convert me, that I might live in sanctity, according to Thy holy will. Sanctify my heart that has become a den and dwelling-place of demons.
  • I am unworthy to ask forgiveness for myself, O Lord, for many times have I promised to repent and proved myself a liar by not fulfilling my promise. Thou hast picked me up many times already, but every time I freely chose to fall again.
  • Therefore I condemn myself and admit that I deserve all manner of punishment and torture. How many times hast Thou enlightened my darkened mind; yet every time I return again to base thoughts! My whole body trembles when I contemplate this; yet every time sinful sensuality reconquers me.
  • How shall I recount all the gifts of Thy grace, O Lord, that I the pitiful one have received? Yet I have reduced them all to nothing by my apathy — and I continue on in this manner. Thou has bestowed upon me thousands of gifts, yet miserable me, I offer in return things repulsive to Thee.
  • Yet Thou, O Lord, inasmuch as Thou containest a sea of longsuffering and an abyss of kindness, do not allow me to be felled as a fruitless fig tree; and do not let me be burned without having ripened on the field of life. Snatch me not away unprepared; seize not me who have not yet lit my lamp; take not away me who have no wedding garment; but, because Thou art good and the lover of mankind, have mercy on me. Give me time to repent, and place not my soul stripped naked before Thy terrible and unwavering throne as a pitiful spectacle of infamy.
  • If a righteous man can barely be saved, then where will I end up, I who am lawless and sinful? If the path that leads to life is strait and narrow, then how can I be vouchsafed such good things, I who live a life of luxury, indulging in my own pleasures and dissipation? But Thou, O Lord, my Saviour, Son of the true God, as Thou knowest and desirest it, by Thy grace alone, freely turn me away from the sin that abides in me and save me from ruin.

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