A Lenten Prayer

Dear Brethren,

Another prayer to help us on our Lenten way.


Fr. Wayne

A Cry for Deliverance

Heavenly Father,

Save me entirely from sin.
I know I am righteous through the righteousness of another
but I pant and pine for likeness to Thyself;
I am Thy child and should bear Thy image,
Enable me to recognize my death unto sin;
When it tempts me may I be deaf to its voice.

Deliver me from the invasion and dominion of sin.
Grant me to walk as Christ walked,
to live in the newness of His life,
the life of love
the life of faith
the life of holiness.

I abhor my body of death,
its indolence, envy, meanness, pride.
Forgive, and kill these vices,
have mercy on my unbelief,
on my corrupt and wandering heart.

When Thy blessings come I begin to idolize them,
and set my affection on some beloved object –
children, friends, wealth, honour;
Cleanse this spiritual adultery and give me chastity;
close my heart to all but Thee.

Sin is my greatest curse;
Let Thy victory be apparent to my consciousness,
and displayed in my life.

Help me to be always devoted, confident, obedient, resigned,
childlike in my trust of Thee,
to love Thee with soul, body, mind, strength,
to love my fellow man as I love myself,
to be saved from unregenerate temper,
hard thoughts, slanderous words, meanness, unkind manners,
to master my tongue and keep the door of my lips.

Fill me with grace daily,
that my life be a fountain of sweet water.


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