Advent Embertide

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Advent Ember Days are here. We thank the Lord for the Fall Season and offer supplications for the Winter season ahead. Our prayers are especially for those living ordered lives of special ministry and service to the Church.  We ask the Lord to increase the number of us who receive holy orders for the strength and fruitfulness of the cause of Christ and His Kingdom.

The fasting and faithful prayer of God’s people gathered is an essential part of our worship life as a parish. One of the greater challenges for us as we seek to fulfill our Embertide intentions is actually finding time to pray together.   Tomorrow (Friday the 16th) there will be prayer at the Church in the sanctuary during the major hours of the day.  Prayer times will be at:






I encourage all of you to make at least one if you are able. Fr. Mashburn and Brother Antony will be helping lead us in ‘praying the hours’.

May God’s grace attend our humble devotions and be pleasing in His sight.


Fr. Wayne


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