An Anglican Bishop Writes About Islam

Dear Brethren,

I am grateful to all of you as we fast together in these final days of Lent. May the Lord help us to finish faithfully and well.

Lenten fasts should not just be recognizing the sinful inward ways of our own hearts but lead us to cast our gaze about lest we fail to notice our sins and struggles as peoples, communities, and nations. Of course we need not look very far before finding a multitude of concerns. One very significant trouble is Islam,  an issue of some concern because it is the worship of another god. And always, in the end, no god tolerates the existence of rival gods. The implications for Christians and many others world wide  are many and this should be an object of our fasting and prayers while we bring our fasting intentions to a close these nine days hence.

I turn you now to a very articulate and compassionate Anglican bishop, Michael Nazir-Ali.  He is well spoken and I commend his efforts to you.

A very worthwhile video recording that is somewhat introductory: Bishop Nazir-Ali: HOLD FAST

Look here for understanding some national considerations.

And, finally, a more lengthy article entitled Freedom in the Face of Resurgent Islam

You might find other helpful resources at  the Crescent Project

More to come as we visit some social and national sins in these final days of Lent.

Sincere Lenten blessings,

Father Wayne


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