An Incense Offering

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Christ the King,

One of our chief needs is to recognize the good that comes to us from the hand of God and offer Him continual thanks. Here is another installment from the Akathist of Thanksgiving sung (or said) to the Incorruptible King of All Ages.

Blessings on this fine autumn day,

Fr. Wayne


Lord, how good it is to be Thy guest; the delicately scented wind, the mountains stretching to the sky, the waters reflecting like infinite mirrors, the golden rays of sun, the airiness of clouds. All nature secretly whispers, full of tenderness, and even the birds and beasts bear the mark of Thy Love. Blessed is mother earth with her transient beauty, longing for the homeland which is eternal and where an imperishable beauty rings out: Alleluia.

Thou hast brought me into this life as into an enchanting paradise. The sky is a deep blue vessel of azure out of which rings the sound of birds; there is the rustling sound of the forest and the sweet sounding music of the waters; the fragrant and sweet fruit and honey which we eat. It is good to be with Thee on earth, joyous to be Thy guest:

Glory to Thee, for the festival of life,
Glory to Thee, for the fragrant lilies of the valley and the roses,
Glory to Thee, for the delectable variety of berries and fruits,
Glory to Thee, for the morning dew, shining like diamonds,
Glory to Thee, for the smile of awakening enlightenment,
Glory to Thee, for all that is heavenly, foreshadowing eternal life,
Glory to Thee, O God, unto the ages of ages.



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