An Incense Offering

“Do not be ye being conformed to this age (world) but be ye being transformed by the renewing of your minds that ye may prove (test) what the will of God is – good, acceptable (well-pleasing), and perfect (mature).” Romans 12:2

From Abba Evagrius (death circa 399)

“There are eight principle thoughts, from which all other thoughts stem.  The first thought is of gluttony; the second, of fornication; the third, of love of money; the fourth, of discontent; the fifth, of anger ( from desire or lust denied); the sixth, despondency; the seventh, of vainglory; the eighth, of pride.  Whether these thoughts disturb the soul or not does not depend on us; but whether they linger in us or not and set passions in motion or not does depend on us.”


Fr. Wayne


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