Ascension Day Potluck

Ascension Dinner and Service Information:

We are hosting Trinity REC and are expecting approximately 30 guests from there.
When:  Thursday, June 2
Dinner:  6:00 PM
Service: 7:00PM
What to bring:  Everyone please bring a main dish that can serve 10-12.
Side dish/salad:  A-L last names, to serve 10-12.
Dessert:  M-Z last names, to serve 10-12.
See article below with food suggestions…
Special offering:  In keeping with the tradition of making a special for the poor or needy at Ascension, we will be taking up an offering during the service for the Rwandan refugee needing $10,000 to pay for transportation to the US for him and his family.
How you can help:  Please stay afterwards for the fun and rewarding time of clean up!
Every feast has its food traditions and Ascension Day is no exception. Some of them could be incorporated into your picnic lunch or supper. In keeping with the day’s theme of upward flight, it is traditional to eat fowl: pigeon, partridge, pheasant, and even crow have been known to make it into the menu. Unless you are a hunter, Cornish game hen or duck from the market will be more readily available, and definitely more palatable than crow. German chefs make pastries in the shape of birds, a good alternative for vegetarians. As Christ is the first fruits of the dead, the blessing and eating of first fruits of the earth is a custom in warmer climates. Northerners will have to improvise, but will have no trouble finding many possibilities in well stocked modern produce markets. Italians take beans and grapes to church to be blessed, these being foods that their tradition says are eaten by the people released from Limbo when Christ ascended.  The grape leaf is one of the first to sprout in the spring, so Armenians make Dolmas, stuffed grape leaves, to eat on Ascension Day. For dessert, even though they are not traditional, how about cloud-like puffs of white meringues, or a pie topped with meringue?
I look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday evening!  Please call if you have any questions: 937-477-2263
Terri Sebree

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