Celebrating Pentecost

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Christ the King,

Like Ascension, Whitsunday, or the Feast of Pentecost, has gone the way of the dirigible, a curiosity but largely ignored or forgotten. It is high time we took out the stops and made this day the great feast day it is intended to be.

So….we are calling all parishoners to pitch in whatever way you can to make this Feast of Pentecost the most celebrated yet.

Let’s start with Colors:


Green is to symbolize the greening of the world as the Lord “makes the desert bloom” with living water which symbolizes the coming  Holy Ghost.  Bring as many green leafy potted plants as you are able to fill the sanctuary this Sunday morning. Big ones are especially appreciated. Flowering plants of any kind are quite acceptable.  The traditional flowers, however are the columbine and the peony.


Wear any worship appropriate clothes, accents, or jewelry. This is also the color of the vestments and paraments for this Sunday.


All newly baptized this Easter season should dress in white if possible.

And now to foods:


Cheeses, all kinds of cheeses (with any desired crackers or breads.)


It would be nice if breweries still made special ales just for Pentecost, but a pint of any good seasonal ale will serve just fine.

And lastly, do not forget the dove, the primary image of the Holy Spirit from the account of Jesus baptism. An important connection – that one – that the same Holy Spirit who came upon our Lord at the inauguration of His ministry is also come upon us. May we be continually being filled with the Spirit as we live in the world and endeavor to bear faithful witness to Him.

Joyful blessings attend you as we continue our rejoicing in the Ascension of our Lord,  and, with the disciples, eagerly anticipate the continued coming of the Holy Spirit into our covenant life together.

Fr. Wayne


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