Children and Adult Sunday School

Children’s Sunday School: The Downeys are planning on leading a children’s Sunday School lesson this Sunday, July 7th at 9:30 am before the service. The lesson will be centered around Christ as the Good Shepard and Psalm 23. We look forward to seeing you.

Adult Sunday School: Here is a brief description of the new adult Sunday School class, taught by Jon McGill, which begins this week:

‘Life is not very interesting,’ we seem to have decided. ‘Let its satisfactions be minimal, perfunctory, and fast.’ We hurry through our meals to go to work and hurry through our work in order to ‘recreate’ ourselves in the evenings and on weekends and vacations. And then we hurry, with the greatest possible speed and noise and violence, through our recreation—for what? To eat the billionth hamburger at some fast-food joint hellbent on increasing the ‘quality’ of our life? And all this is carried out in a remarkable obliviousness to the causes and effects, the possibilities and the purposes, of the life of the body in this world. (Wendell Berry)

We all seem too busy nowadays, or perhaps we just feel like we are. The modern age moves at a pace which often makes it difficult to simply stop and think about what one is doing and why. We work more and more hours to acquire more and more things that should free up more and more time, yet we often complain that 24 hours simply isn’t enough. We easily become anxious, worried, tense, and even avoid a moment’s silence because of what it might require of us. Even our rest is not restful for we fill it with entertainments that distract rather than focus our attention on the “possibilities and purposes” of our life in the world. All of these things are symptoms of our culture’s inherent unrest. I Will Give You Rest: Sabbath & Leisure in the Life of the Church will be our summer Sunday school class on the Sabbath and its consequences for modern life. Please bring your Bibles along with eagerness to think deeply and discuss charitably.


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