Christ Our Hope music team

Dear "Christ Our Hopeful Musicians":

I am thankful that many of you have expressed the desire to sing and/or play piano or other instruments for worship services. I desire to include as many of you as possible. I will not even be available to play all the time, so it will be in our DNA that we share responsibilities.

Elyse has agreed to switch off with me, and there will probably be times that Karla will play. Others of you who want to play piano and other instruments but have less experience doing so will be worked in gradually as our group skills permit.

Much of this will probably come to fruition in the summer. Please be patient; there are just so many details with a new space that we have to take it slow. Pray that we can get ready by May 9th!

Here is what you can do:

1) Practice with us on Wednesdays after Evening Prayer. This week Karla Herman has agreed to allow us to meet at her house. Bring equipment (instrument, amp) and lots of patience with you. The emphasis will of necessity be on getting prepared for our first Sunday.

Individual help on a new instrument at this point might best be received at times other than during the group rehearsal. Since we are meeting after Evening prayer (and it is a school night) we will not want to go longer than one hour, if that. You can come to listen, sing along, and get a feel for what we’ll be doing.

2) Give us feedback about the balance of sound, loudness, and how easy it was to actually understand what we were singing.
3) Pray that we will seek to serve God.
4) Come early on the 9th and help us set up.


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