Christ the King building thanks!

Dear CTK parishioners,

Over the past several weeks there has been much work going on in the building. I would like to acknowledge some who have volunteered to make certain that we are good stewards of what God has blessed us with.

I would like to thank and express my appreciation to Tammy Abshear, Judee Evaniuk, Amanda, Nathan, James and Steven Roberts for their hard work purging, organizing, and cleaning the church kitchen. I walked through the kitchen after you all had spent hours working Saturday, and it actually smelled clean and fresh! I cannot begin to thank-you enough for what you are doing. I, along with many others applaud your efforts. I want to encourage the rest of the church body to express your appreciation to these ladies and young boys by putting forth extra effort to keep the kitchen organized and clean. When you use this area, remember it is your responsibility to clean up after yourself. Make certain all your dishes are washed, dried, and put away in the proper cabinets (cabinets and drawers are labeled). Make certain to wipe off all the counters, put all trash in the trash cans, and take all leftovers with you. Thank you for your cooperation in this manner.

I would also like to express my appreciation to Marian Wright for setting up the refreshments and for making certain that the kitchen remains clean on Sunday mornings. Keep up the good work!

In addition, Ed Evaniuk has spent many hours painting the lunchroom/fellowship hall and is beginning to paint the kitchen. Thanks Ed! Now that this area is looking bright and clean, let us work to keep it that way. Take all books, papers, writing utensils, and eating utensils (plates, cups, and napkins) with you when you leave the fellowship hall. Put trash where it belongs and wipe off tables after you have eaten.

Joe McNamara spent some time Saturday morning doing some "high altitude" work for the church. My nerves still have not quite settled down! He fixed a light fixture in the sanctuary and climbed out on the roof to investigate where water may be leaking down the back wall. Thanks Joe for taking the time to help out in this way! You would never catch me doing what you did!!

Mark Perry has been doing some spot painting in the sanctuary. Zach Fehrman has agreed to get a group together to thoroughly spruce up and clean the gallery/parlor area before Synod. Thanks to both of you!

Michelle Caldwell, Suzanne Green and Amanda Roberts have been hard at work in the offices. Teachers will be in the building over the next two weeks sprucing up and cleaning the classrooms. Sunday School Teachers make certain that you put all your materials away and arrange the rooms for school before you leave on Sundays.

Most of all, I am truly grateful to the Baugham family for all you do! I know that you were working in the building on Friday evening and then came back again on Saturday to do more! Thanks!

Over the next week or so, all of you should be contacted and asked to help further prepare our building for Synod. If you have not been contacted by Sept.1st and wish to help, please contact me and I will let you know what you can do! Let’s all do our part to make the building shine!

Thanks again to all,
Gary Laughlin


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