Christ the King Sunday: Meal Details

Dear Christ the King Parishioners:

1. We are needing several volunteers to assist with setting up the dining area in preparation for our Christ the King meal. The set up will be on Saturday afternoon with Sandy McNamara organizing it. Please be at the church by noon. RSVP to Terri Sebree at 477-2263 if you are able to help.

2. On Sunday please bring a festive main dish and a side dish or dessert.

3. After our feast, the real fun and fellowship begins! – by everyone pitching in with the clean up efforts. It takes about an hour to do this final part. Many hands make light work and shortens the time it takes to get the job done. Our sexton, Gary Laughlin will oversee the clean up. Gary and Pam work diligently to assure the building is properly maintained by the many groups that use the church.

The clean up includes the following:
-taking all the trash out to the dumpster
-sweeping the dining room and kitchen floors
-mopping up any spills
-washing off the tables
-placing the tables and chairs in formation for Dominion Academy
-washing, drying, and putting away all dishes
-cleaning off all counters
-putting all coffee makers and supplies away

Our goal is to be good stewards of our worship and fellowship spaces by keeping them spic and span. This sets the standard for the other groups that use the building so that they will follow our good example of cleanliness and neatness.

Thanks for being a part of making our feast day special!

Grace and peace to you,
Terri Sebree


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