Christmastide Fasting and Celebration

Hello Everyone from incredibly gorgeous Red Rock country while I sip on a cup of Christmas coffee,

Just a reminder that this Friday there is no fast.  The Prayer Book enjoins fasting or some measure of abstinence : All the Fridays in the year, except Christmas Day, and The Epiphany, or any Friday which may intervene between these Feasts…  which means there is no fast this Friday (December 30.)

I offer a commendation to all who have endeavoured to exercise some measure of faithfulness in this lost discipline of the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.  As a parish I encourage each of you and all of you to weave this discipline and expectation into the rhythm of your weekly lives this coming year. Please view it as guiltless striving toward wonderful ends.



We celebrate the three ‘feasts of revealing’ of Christ to the world – Nativity (Dec.25), Epiphany (Jan. 6), and the Presentation of Christ at the Temple (also called Candlemas Feb. 2)  all in the darkest time of year in the Northern hemisphere and the lightest in the Southern hemisphere.  For us, the usual dreariness of the winter months may be somewhat mitigated by our attention to these beautiful ‘Light festivals’.

The lights and adornments of our houses and churches in preparation for the Nativity usually remain up at least for Christmastide until Epiphany (for the Twelve Days of Christmas), but many decide to wait for the end of the ‘Light festival’ season and make February 3rd  (the day after Candlemas on February 2)  the day for removing the symbols of our celebration and honouring the revealed Christ.

Christmastide blessings!

Fr. Wayne


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