Church Cleaning Day

This Saturday we will begin cleaning the church at 9 a.m. Any supplies you can bring from home would be appreciated, especially vacuum cleaners, cleaning buckets, and rags. If you prefer using a particular brand of cleaner, please bring what you’d like.

We need several people to paint the hall upstairs and hallway in the basement.

If you would like to come but have young children, you may bring them with you! Caitlin Perry and Anna Baugham will be able to keep them in the nursery until we break for lunch.

Coffee, lemonade, and water will be provided. We will place a pizza order for lunch, so please be prepared to contribute towards the bill if you so choose to partake.

If you would like to arrive before 9 a.m., someone will be there to help get you started.

Your participation in this event will be greatly appreciated!

***DA families may use this time for volunteer hours.


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