CKAC: Greeters

Hi Everyone!

I am looking for some more greeters for Sunday mornings.

I wanted to ask specific people who don’t have kids that need sitting with, and who are cheerful and happy and actually would like to help! 🙂

Here’s what your job would look like:

1. First (10:10 a.m.): Make sure the back door is UNLOCKED. 2. Then (10:15 a.m.): Check with Erin to see if there’s anything that needs done with the bulletins (stuffing, cutting, etc). Then (if there is time): Do a quick run through the pews making sure there’s no trash, toys, books, etc. that shouldn’t be there. Re-stock offering envelopes and visitor cards.
3. Be ready at 10:15 at the back table to pass out bulletins and be available to help visitors figure out the BCP and where the hymns are found.

Please let me know if you’d be willing to help! It’s a super easy way to be a part of making Sunday mornings go smoothly.


Erin Caldwell


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