CKAC/COH: Prayer request


JoAnn Roberts called to ask for prayer for her sister-in-law Marla. Marla’s had one-half of her large intestines removed early a.m. Thursday. She has a colostomy now and is recovering in the hospital.

Marla went to the hospital late Wednesday night due to severe pain. The doctor thought it was appendicitis, but it was acute diverticulitis, and her intestines had ruptured.

She will not be able to work as a nurse for several months as she recovers.

Marla is the wife of JoAnn’s brother, Joe. They have 3 kids, Craig, Rachel and Megan.

Thanks for praying for JoAnn, too, as Fred’s father has moved in with them and she is taking care of him, too. Mr. Roberts was in a severe accident a year ago (I think he was hit by a car) and is still not back to good health.

Karla Herman


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