CKAC/COH:Prayer request

Dear friends –

My heart is very, very heavy and I am asking for you (and all those you know who know my family) to pray for us. We just received news that my 37 year old daughter Janet has stage 4 cancer. She experienced severe chest pains and thought she was having a heart attack. A mass was discovered between her lungs and heart; biopsies came back positively identifying squamis (spelling?) cells – very fast growing type of cancer.

Janet is a very Godly woman, but is on a roller-coaster with her emotions (as I am!) She was given no hope, and likely a short time to live. She and Paul have met with Levi’s teachers and I’m going to help them financially with counseling for him; he’s 11 and extremely apprehensive/worried. Today was her first chemo treatment; they’re simply trying to contain it so it won’t further grow in size and spread any more. She is in severe pain whenever she lies down.

Paul’s sister died from cancer just a couple of weeks ago, and he is very angry at God. So, all of us need prayer. Janet’s daughter Jessica – who just graduated from B.G.S.U. – came home to care for her mother until the end. Her son Tyler is graduating from high school tonight and will be going to Ashland University in August on a scholarship.

I would appreciate it if you forward this e-mail to Kairos volunteers, St. Christopher’s (where Janet grew up), Christ Our King, and Christ Our Hope churches as well as friends and relatives. I simply can’t talk about it right now without becoming a basket case. I’m in constant prayer with Jesus, and am trying to get the tears to stop so I will be able to be strong for Janet and the family.

Thank you for your emotional and spiritual support. God bless.



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