CKAC/COH:Refugee help

Dear family,

After treating several refugee houses with Diatomaceous Earth, I’ve determined that it is a safe and effective treatment for exterminating the bedbug infestation plaguing our Neal Ave, neighbors. We have enough funds on hand, thanks to your generous contributions, to purchase two hundred pounds. That should be a good start, and I’ll be ordering the DE next week. We may need more, but I’ll wait to see how much is distributed. I have a source for dust masks, but I need about 20 or more fine-bristled paint brushes for application ( $1.50 at Dollar Stores), and about 20 or more 4-5 gallon containers to hold the DE for distribution. The containers can be of any type, but they must be clean and dry. Also, squeeze-top clean, dry ketchup or mustard bottles would be helpful (used or purchased picnic bottles). Please let me know if you can help. (Barb, 878-9826 baharvey )

As always, thank you for your generosity. We can rid our neighbors of these noxious pests at a bare fraction of the cost of an exterminator, which they cannot afford.


Barb Harvey


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