Confiirmation Classes Begin!

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The ancient rite of Confirmation is a part of every episcopal visit and we will have Confirmations this November 13th with Bp.    Morse’s episcopal visit.

Any of you who are CTK members and have not yet been confirmed should make it your high priority to do so at this time.  If you are unable for any reason to make one or two of the classes, do not let this get in the way but speak to me about it so I may get you the materials as needed.  People of younger age should attend.  If there is any doubt as to age or if this is the appropriate time, please speak with me.

Any who are new (or new-ER) are invited to attend classes to find out more about confirmation, especially the first couple of classes.  We would be delighted if you joined us on November 13th as confirmands.

All of you who are already confirmed, if you are close to someone you know is being confirmed consider offering a blessing or congratulations (perhaps a card, or some form of gift, or celebrate with a meal, etc.) after Services to mark the occasion.

I look forward to our first class tomorrow.


Fr. Wayne


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