Cookies for Kairos

From Dorathea Fortener:

> It’s Kairos time again! For some of our newer members, you may not > know > about Kairos. I’ve been meeting with 54 other Ohio volunteer women > every > Saturday for team formation/team building. We’re stripping > ourselves of > ourselves in order to be conduits taking God’s unconditional love to > the > incarcerated women at the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville > (ORW). >
> Homemade chocolate chip cookies that have been prayed over are used > to show > the inmates that people do care about them and love them. These > cookies are > distributed not only to the women participating in the weekend, but > also 2 > dozen are given to each woman on the compound (3,000 of them) and to > all > staff members. It takes 10,000 dozen cookies for the weekend; I’m > responsible for bringing 120 dozen. I’ll be baking 60+ dozen and am > counting on some of you helping me reach my goal. You can use cookie > dough > purchased at Sam’s Club or Gordon Foods; just be sure to pray over > them as > you bake them. Bags with detailed instructions have been > distributed; if > you didn’t get one, call me and I’ll e-mail an instruction sheet to > you. If > you can’t bake, we also need “green agape” – money. It takes > about $5,000 > to do a weekend, and any financial contribution you can make will be > greatly > appreciated. Another way you can help is to block out 1/2 hour a day > throughout the weeked (first weekend in November) to pray – let me > know > when you will do this. We make a paper chain (with first names > only) and > present our prayer chain agape on the weekend to show how many > prayers have > been lifted up on their behalf.
> The Kairos weekend is similar to the Cursillo and Emmaus walks, if > you’re > familiar with them. There are talks on topics such as Choices, The > Church, > Christian fellowship, Action, Forgiveness, etc. The main emphasis > of the > weekend is the “Fourth Day” – the rest of a person’s life. > Inmates take > all they’ve learned and work at applying it to their daily walk with > Jesus. > We volunteers are committed to returning once a month to ORW to > mentor those > who went through the Kairos weekend. We sing praise music, gather > in small > prayer & share groups, and follow up on their spiritual growth and/or > concerns. Kairos is an on-going ministry and is very effective in > bringing > others close(r) to Christ. At ORW, less than 5% of those who have > participated in a Kairos weekend ever return. Praise God! He is > truly > awesome and I am blessed to be on a Kairos team once again. This is > my > 16th, and I think we volunteers receive as much if not more than we > give. > REMEMBER – bring your cookies to the church by noon next Sunday, > October > 23rd. THANKS!


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