Cookies for Kairos

From Dorathea Fortener:

“This is just a note to thank each of you who baked chocolate chip cookies and prayed over them for Kairos #33. The women at ORW are overwhelmingly grateful for the love you show them by your actions of baking and praying for them. They can’t believe that people who don’t even know them care enough to do something special for them.

I am so appreciative of the tremendous response from both of our church families. I only had to bake 32 dozen cookies this time. Thank you, thank you! Even though I am considered to be retired, I manage four properties, write and market my books & CD, and am involved in caring for my daughter Janet, so my time for doing outreach ministries like Kairos is getting more limited. You truly blessed me, and I know God is well pleased that we all work to extend his message of love to a hurting world.

I’ll be leaving around 10 a.m. this Thursday and returning about 9:00 p.m. Sunday night. Please keep the Kairos candidates in your prayers that they will open their hearts and minds to receive God’s blessings, his unconditional love, and be reconciled. Many miracles occur on the weekend, and it’s a joy to see women begin to realize that they have worth and are so incredibly loved by Jesus.”

Blessings to all,


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