Cookies needed for Kairos

From Chuck Miller:

I will be part of a ministry team which will be presenting a Christian program called, Kairos, at the North Central Correctional Institution (NCCI) in Marion, Ohio. NCCI is a “Medium” security prison which sits right beside the Marion Correctional Institution on the north side of Marion, Ohio.

Our team will be comprised of approximately 40 men who come from many different Christian churches. As a group we will be attempting to take 10,000 dozen home-made cookies inside the institution with us. We prefer taking chocolate chip cookies inside, this is so that there may NEVER be a chance of any arguments over which kind of cookie an inmate got from a cookie tray. We don’t need comments such as “He got one of that kind and I didn’t get any of them.” Certainly the 36 inmates who will be taking part in the weekend program will receive a lot of cookies; however, the reason we need such a large number of cookies is that every inmate in the entire institution will (hopefully) receive about two dozen; it depends on how many cookies we can bring inside with us. I humbly request your help with my share of 200 dozen.

Our team will go into NCCI on Thursday afternoon, March 10th. The program is completed by the following Sunday evening. It is an exhausting time for each and every inmate and team member on the weekend, but we all receive HIS blessings from the experience.

I will be in Church this coming Sunday and also next Sunday so I will be able to collect any cookies that are baked for this Kairos weekend. I have placed plastic bags on the table at the church’s front entrance which contain a sheet describing the size of cookies needed, how we request they be packed, etc. I really, really appreciate any cookies you would be willing to bake for our weekend.

Also, and most importantly, prayer cover is needed for the entire weekend. I have a sign-up sheet so people can put their name in a time slot in which they are willing to pray. If we have the weekend covered in prayer, God’s work will surely be done that weekend in the institution.

Oh, by the way, the team does not ever stay overnight in the institution. We sleep on the gym floor at St Mary’s Catholic Church near downtown Marion. But we have to get up, shower, shave, eat breakfast, then meet at the institution’s entrance building at 6:30am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings.

Thank you for your consideration.

Your brother in Christ,

Chuck Miller


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