Deliver Us From Evil

Aleluia! Christ is risen!  The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!

This week we celebrate our risen Christ! We celebrate a real conquest over the world, the flesh, and the devil.  The reality and promise of the New Creation means hope for full deliverance from the things of Lenten conviction and repentance.  For us Lent is a beginning.  We recognize and struggle with our sinful weakness; we expose it and engage our enemies in the very real battle for the ground of our individual and corporate hearts. If we acknowledge bondage to any sin, lust, or dark impulse, our Deliverer is mighty and able to save.  Easter shouts of triumph are no empty proclamations. That power of Christ’s triumph is greater than any enemy of our souls.  Stay bound no longer. Come avail yourself of the means of grace extended to us through Christ and the Church.  Let the efficacy of Christ’s passion and the power of Jesus’ resurrection be the reason for your hope of forgiveness, lasting repentance, and true freedom.

A Collect from Easter:

O GOD, who for our redemption didst give thine only
begotten Son to the death of the Cross, and by his
glorious resurrection hast delivered us from the power
of our enemy; Grant us so to die daily from sin, that we
may evermore live with him in the joy of his resurrection;
through the same thy Son Christ our Lord. Amen.

He whom the Son sets free is free indeed! Alleluia!

Many Easter blessings,

Fr. Wayne


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