Fasting Friday

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Again, I encourage ALL of us to join the universal Church in observing Friday as a day of abstinence or fasting.

One historically popular ‘measure of abstinence’ was (and still is) abstaining from meat. So fish became the Friday food of substance. Why not plan on meatless Fridays and perhaps join the humble ranks of the Fish Eaters? Of course you are free to do something else but …hey!

May the Lord bless our intentions today as we join Christians around the world in this Friday fast.

For the sake of the healing of the nations, for the glory of Christ, and the sway of His Kingdom,

Fr. Wayne


O ALMIGHT Y Father, thou King eternal, immortal,

invisible, thou only wise God our Saviour; Hasten,

we beseech thee, the coming upon earth of the kingdom

of thy Son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and draw

the whole world of mankind into willing obedience to his

blessed reign. Overcome all his enemies, and bring low

every power that is exalted against him. Cast out all the

evil things which cause wars and fightings among us, and let

thy Spirit rule the hearts of men in righteousness and love.

Repair the desolations of former days; rejoice the wilderness

with beauty; and make glad the city with thy law. Establish

every work that is founded on truth and equity, and fulfil all

the good hopes and desires of thy people. Manifest thy will,

Almighty Father, in the brotherhood of man, and bring in

universal peace; through the victory of thy Son, Jesus Christ

our Lord. Amen.


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