Fasting Friday

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Blessings on this Friday as we join the Church universal in her Friday abstinence/fasting intentions.

When Adam and Eve fall in the Garden Sanctuary they are driven out and forced to fast from the two special trees given to them for food – the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (provisionally forbidden at first) and the Tree of Life. Over the course of time both sacramental trees would have been regular food for the first couple and their children.  We know this because it is the nature of hunger to repeatedly seek fulfillment, and the nature of trees to continually provide for that hunger by bearing sacrificial fruit in their seasons. Unfallen Adam would have returned many times to each tree. Other fruit trees would answer the more immediate need of physical hunger but these sacred sacramental fruit trees would assuage a more primal hunger and thirst for heavenly Life and Wisdom.

Our hunger on Friday’s, the day of our Lord’s passion and deprivation, reminds us of the price paid for our re-entrance to the Garden to partake again of the Tree of Life (Jesus) and the Tree of Wisdom (also Jesus).  Physical want brings our focus to the deeper longings and cravings of the soul and body. We also sense more acutely the groaning of creation under sin’s tyranny.  The sating of our primal hunger and quenching of our thirst comes only through Christ by His Body and Blood, the true Bread and true Drink.  These He freely gives us on the day of His Passion and offers them  freely still in the Eucharist and in His Body the Church.

Lord, be pleased to accept our worship in fasting this day.









In Jesus is all Life and every manner of wisdom for he is indeed called


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