Fasting Fridays

Matthew 6:2,5,16

” When you give alms…..when you pray…..when you fast.”

The Sermon on the Mount looms large in the world’s understanding of life as is should be. Even those whose clearly contrary lives possess little regard for the Lord or Scripture cannot help holding us all to its standards.

Love entered the world in the Son Jesus Christ the great High Priest and the Gospel calls each Christian to enter a priestly vocation as a member of the priesthood of all believers.  Jesus here offers us three rules, a trio of fundamental impulses and commitments, things to practice and the attitude of of heart that needs to attend them.

The expectation is not “if” as though it were an option to take up whenever we feel moved.  Clearly He says “when”.  It is His unquestioned assumption that they will as a regular course of matters engage in alms, prayer, and fasting.  They are part of our priestly duties.


May the Lord bless our fasting intentions this day!


Fr. Wayne


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