Film, Philosophy and Faith Update

“/*Film, Philosophy, Faith” : */Church/State Relations Seminar

Our viewing of the film: “Karol”, in which the late Pope John Paul II’s life was dramatized in the

context of the Nazi Holocaust, followed by his years of living in Poland under Communism has

sparked a lively interest in exploring the relationship of church and state. Thus, a lecture/discussion

hosted at *Dave and Tammy Abshear’s *on Sunday night *(7 PM) *will be led by Fr. Wayne and Sandy.

Documents of the early church through the medieval period will be examined, in addition to works

of western art whose themes illustrate the church-state relationship.
These will illumine the historic

church’s attitude toward how church and state co-exist in the “Kingdom of God”.

Come one, come all and enter into one of the liveliest topics engaging
the church since ancient times.

Please also bring a snack to share.


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