Flower ministry update

Flower Sign up information

 You may have noticed that we do not always have flowers on the altar.  We are praying that you will be moved to sign up and participate in this ministry.  There are new sign up charts posted on the bulletin board in the entrance to the gallery.  Please choose a date or dates, write your name and the dedication you’d like to have in the bulletin.  For example:  In celebration of someone’s birthday; to the Glory of God for his many blessings; etc.  If you’d prefer not to have your name in the bulletin, please contact the secretary.  We are asking a minimum donation of $30 toward the purchase of professionally arranged altar flowers.  Please notate on the memo line of your check altar flowers.  If you plan to bring your own flowers, please  indicate in the column available AND the flowers need to be at the church for the altar guild no later than 7:40 am. Sunday morning for arrangement.  If you have any questions, please contact  Marian Wright (864-2819).



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