Fr. Neeb Update

Dear Brethren,

After consideration of all things the doctor has decided to postpone the actual removal of the toe and try to clean out the toe removing any dead tissue and severely infected tissue in hopes it will be enough to jump-start the necessary healing process to restore the toe’s health.  It appears Fr. Neeb will be under a general anesthetic for the scouring procedure which will take place at 4:00 this afternoon.  It is likely he will be kept in the hospital through Monday or Tuesday. He is room 3725 at Good Samaritan Hospital.  I am not sure how ready he might be to receive visitors this evening but tomorrow he would love to see you, or even Christmas Day – that would be a most welcome Christmas gift.  He needs reading material, and would greatly enjoy a DVD player (I am thinking a laptop) with a few good movie possibilities (a loaner would be fine), a very welcome diversion.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Rejoice, the Lord is coming!

Fr. Wayne



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