Friday Ember Day

Dear Brethren,

Glorious spring weather (after the August weather last week) just before the official beginning of summer…. Lord, you have brought us an interesting spring.

Today and tomorrow are the final two days of Whitsun Embertide.  The Ember Days are days of some measure of abstinence or fasting.  It is my hope we will all to do something here so as to touch the intentions of these days and participate even in some small measure.

You may not know that Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday are chosen because of Holy Week events on these days – Wednesday is when Judas Iscariot betrays Jesus, Good Friday is the time of Christ’s passion, and Holy Saturday is when He is in the grave.  Of course the intention is for a heightened sense of our celebration of the new life of the Resurrection, the Ascension, and the Spirit’s coming at Pentecost in anticipation of the Lord’s answer to our prayers and fastings.

Blessings this beautiful morning as we approach the last feast of the season – The Feast of the Holy Trinity.  Continue to remember in your prayers the city of Joline, especially all Christians and the REC parish there.


Fr. Wayne


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