Friday Fasting

Dear Brethren,

The first half of the Church calendar came to a wonderful close with the Feast of the Holy Trinity. As we begin to settle into the season of Ordinary Time (marked in our Prayer Book as Sundays after Trinity) we notice the return of green as ourprimary color in worship. It is the color of thriving life and stewardship. It symbolizes cultivating faithfulness as plants of the Lord, as trees firmly planted by rivers of living water bearing fruit in our season(s). May the fruit borne of our attentive and faithful labor be sweet to all who taste it and all who pass by in need of refreshment.

This Friday, in our abstinence/fasting intentions and our prayers, let us continue to beseech the Lord for the power of the Spirit to indwell us and for wisdom to discern our way forward as Christ-bearers and as the Lord’s body.

Let us also remember the very recent sufferings of our brothers and sisters in Somalia, Sudan, and Nigeria.

Most holy and righteous Father who doth call us in mystery to share in the sufferings of Christ, uphold and strengthen new passion-bearers in all Thy Church, now tormented and oppressed for Thy Name’s sake.  Deliver Thy people from godless and evil men, and make Thy holy Church steadfast through Thy blood and suffering, receiving boldness in the face of persecution.

Most gracious Father, we heartily thank Thee for rulers and pastors, monks and laymen, men, women and children who blossomed forth wondrously in times of grievous persecutions, who finished the course of this earth with Thy confession, bearing good fruit for Christ in Thy endurance.  We do here celebrate with rejoicing and thankfulness the faithful witness of new martyrs of Thy Church [especially in Somalia, Nigeria , Sudan, and……...]

We humbly beseech Thee so to strengthen us, that whenever the hour trial finds us and we are privileged to suffer for Thy Name’s sake, that we also may receive the gift of courage from Thee, remembering neither tribulation, prison, or death can separate us from Thy love; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

May the Lord in His great mercy hear us this day,

Fr. Wayne

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P.S.  Remember corporate prayer at the Church during these hours:

Wednesday: 7-8pm  Evening Prayer

Friday:   7am – Morning Prayer (Matins),

9am (prayers for those with needs especially in the parish),

NooN (prayer for all the world)

3pm (prayer for each member of the parish and others by name),

5:30pm Vespers (Evensong)


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