Friday Meditation

Dearest Brethren,

Christian leaders gathered in Dayton’s courthouse square yesterday for the National Day of prayer. As I sat on the dais with twenty or so pastors, civil leaders, and businessmen, I became aware of how thirteen years of straining forward into historic Anglicanism had moulded in me something quite different than what I used to possess before taking the journey.

I do not wish my comments to seem critical or disparaging. Dedicated Christians came together in sincere faith to do the desperately necessary work of praying with one another in offering intercessions on behalf of a troubled nation.

So, as people prayed extemporaneously their intentions, the rich, pithy language of the Prayer Book, especially the Penitential Office, the Great and Lesser Litanies, and the prayer for the Coming of Christ’s Kingdom danced around in my head.

Only two hymns were planned and only one was directed to the Lord, (a contemporary devotional song very loosely connection to 2 Chronicles 7:14 entitled ‘What If I Pray?’.) My mind moved to the hymns “God of the Prophets” and “Judge Eternal” and “Of the Father’s Love Begotten”, and “O God of Earth and Altar”.

Perhaps it works to say it this way: the historic Church has given us worship, language, and words that are bigger, more solid, more substantial to meet the realities of life and spiritual warfare.

May the Lord bless your Friday intentions and prayer,

Fr. Wayne


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