From Fr. Wayne: Fasting Fridays

I’ve been thinking recently about encouraging our parish in its keeping the traditional Friday fasts each week. The Book of Common Prayer sets out Fridays as fast days the whole year, except for Christmas Day, in remembrance of Good Friday and the death of our Savior. We are also exhorted many times in the scriptures to fast and the Church, in her wisdom, has given us the guideline of using Friday for that purpose. Your fast doesn’t have to be a total abstinence of food, but may be abstinence for a portion of the day (skipping a meal), or abstinence of certain foods (meat, etc.). From now until Christmas, I hope to send out encouragements on Thursdays that will remind you of the Friday fast and that will encourage you in this discipline. May God bless our seeking Him together for his healing and for fruitfulness.

Here is today’s fasting encouragement:

“Fasting is wonderful, because it tramples our sins like a dirty weed, while it cultivates and raises truth like a flower.” St. John Chrysostom

I am sincerely yours in Christ,
Fr. Wayne

P.S. If you would like more information about fasting, please let me know. I have a wealth of information. (


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