Hallelujah! A Blessed All Saints to All

Dear Brethren,

In our post Christian, post-modern world there is no thought, or else little regard, for the major feast days the worship life of the Church. Vestiges of All Saints and All Souls observances are found in secular observances of Halloween (All Hallowed Saints Eve) but our culture is miles from the reasons and meanings of our traditions.

In the in parts of of the Protestant world they celebrate Reformation Day. The traditional celebration of All Saints Day is much bigger. While we are children of the English Reformation our focus on this day is celebration for the faithful and continual work of our Covenant Lord in and through the lives of faithful men, women, and children from the time of the beginning, from righteous Abel to the the sister in Christ next to you in our services of worship each week.

It has been said that fifty percent of all Christians who have ever lived are alive today. As God in His sovereign goodness arranges the affairs of the world and directs all things on the stage of history, let us take heart as we consider the unfolding our story in the lives of all faithful people who have gone before, those we know and the many more we do not know.  Jesus said about His Church, ” Upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” Her is still building.

Come tonight at 6:00 pm as we gather with all the saints in heaven and earth to declare His mighty deeds. We will share a potluck meal afterward. Hope to see you there.

Blessings on this beginning of the All Saints Octave,

Fr. Wayne




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