Holy Saturday – Day of Rest, the End of Lent

My dear Brethren,

First, just a reminder of our celebration of the Easter Vigil. It will begin outside as usual weather permitting. We begin at 8:oo PM tonight and end with communion.

Today is the Sabbath, the rest that follows Jesus’ words, “It is finished.” The tomb is dark and there His tortured body rests. Yesterday Jesus’ soul was torn from his body like all men before Him. And sometime between Friday and Sunday morning He went down into Sheol.  Or in the words of the creed, ‘he descended into hell.’  There he preached to all of those dead while living under the Old Covenant in the Old Creation the good news of what He had accomplished.   He then accomplished what is often called the harrowing of hell.  He emptied this place of any who believed on Him leading them triumphantly into heaven.  This night we will walk from the darkness of the Old Creation to the glory of the New begun in the resurrection of Christ.

See you tonight!


Fr. Wayne

Here is a depiction of the harrowing of hell by Duccio.


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