Hymn Sing

Hello ALL –

Wayne and I are THRILLED to announce 2 firsts: #1 — we’re having our first event in our newly renovated community room (we really need a much more exciting name for it) and (2) it’s going to be a “Hymn Sing”.

What is a “Hymn Sing”?

The whole church is invited on Sunday, March 25th (5:30 pm) to a pot luck at 100 Linden. Afterwards, we’re all going to be given some hymns to learn (led by Charles and Amanda Roberts) for Easter Sunday. The Robertses will be placing us in our own sections: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass and we’ll be learning our parts for this music.

This means the WHOLE church will be the Easter Choir!

Please RSVP to me so I can be sure we have food assignments divided up for a nice meal before hand. KIDSare invited, and hopefully some of them will even join the singing. (BABYSITTING PROVIDED).



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