I resolve to attend Sunday School in 2011

Dear Ones,

Our regularly scheduled Sunday School classes will resume on January 2, 2011. We don’t take many days off. For adults, great teaching takes place on Sundays at 9:30. Please join us. For children (and children’s parents), we need you in Sunday School for your sake, and to help us have effective young people’s Sunday School classes.

Western Wall

I will be communicating with you more regularly in 2011, usually about stewardship. We will face a challenging budget in 2011, but we have an excellent leadership team in place to manage the business of the church, and with your prayers, ministry, and faithful stewardship, we’re going to be OK. I have turned over my personal blog http://2chronicles36.org/ to the teaching and discussion of stewardship. I invite you to check me out. Future postings there about stewardship will also be posted here, for your convenient use.


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