Kairos Weekend

Dear friends in Christ,

A HUGE ‘thank you’ to each and every one of you for all the cookies you
baked for Kairos #35 at ORW. They touched the hearts of about 3,000
(inmates and staff) and planted seeds of love.

The weekend was truly in God’s time. Satan tried several times to disrupt
it, but as always, God triumphed. One woman – about my age – with
uncontrolled tears publicly announced “I have been a a Muslim; I took a
life. On Saturday, God revealed to me that Jesus is my Savior and that if I
confess my sins, repent, and willing to follow him, I will be redeemed and
restored.’ She accepted Christ and promised God that she would NEVER turn
away from him.

Another, younger lady, begged us to “when you go out there, tell everyone
you know to NEVER drive drunk.” Sobbing uncontrollably, she told us she is
at ORW because she drove while drunk and her two small daughters died as a
result of an accident her drunken driving caused. She is having trouble
forgiving herself. She said she never knew she could have fun and enjoy
others without being high, and that now she’s ‘high on the Lord.’

Wow! What a powerful weekend. The women now have a different view of what ‘church’ people are like. Prior to the weekend, many of them – especially
those who had no religious background – thought we Christians were people
who dressed up to show off and were self-righteous, critical people who were
out to condemn and preach to them. They tought we had easy lives, virtually
no problems, and looked down on them. They had no idea what genuine love is
for how to be loved.

We sure shocked them, as volunteer after volunteer gave their talks in which
they shared pain and brokenness they had personally experienced (like being
raped, having been an alcoholic, having been rejected by an addictive mother, feeling isolated, etc). They said they now know that real Christians also suffer and are healed; this gives them hope.

They now know that theree’s a difference between someone saying, “I’m a
Christian.” and BEING a Christian. Being a Christian requires action, hard
work, and trust in God – we cannot do it without God’s help and the
guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Must go for now. Again, thanks also for your prayers. Please remember
Elizabeth, an inmate who is resisting God’s call.

In Christ,


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