Language for Confession and Repentance

Many of us already experience a slight weariness in our fastings but I encourage you to stick to the Lenten Rule of Life you instituted Ash Wednesday. Keep going saints, because the fruits of a fast well done are blessed.

Sometimes we cannot find the right words to express our particular struggles with sin and I am thankful for others who have composed very good prayers and meditations to help us.  Here is todays prayer from the Canon of St. Andrew of Crete.  I  include alternate word choices from different translations. May the Lord grant us a truly great Lent.

Fr. Wayne+

Ode 7 (Third Thursday)

We have sinned, transgressed, done wrong before Thee.
We have not watched or done as Thou hast commanded us,
but do not give us up utterly, O God of our fathers.
Have mercy upon us, O God, have mercy upon us.
When the Ark [covenant box] was being carried and the ox slipped Uzzah merely touched it but the wrath of God struck him dead.. Avoid His anger at such presumption, O my soul, by showing true honour [reverence] to holy [divine] things [things of God].
Thou hast heard of Absalom, how he rose against nature. Thou knowest his unholy [accursed] deeds by which he defiled his father David’s bed [insulted the bed of his father David]. So why do you still imitate his [Yet thou hast followed his] wild impulses and his love of pleasures [passionate and sensual desires/pleasure loving cravings]?
Your freedom [free dignity] you have enslaved to your body, O my soul, for you have found in Satan another Ahitophel and consented to his counsels. But Christ has scattered the enemy’s counsel that you might at all costs be saved.
Solomon who was mighty and full of wisdom [Solomon the wonderful who was full of the grace of wisdom], once [at one time] did evil [wrong] before the Lord when he turned to idols. And you, my soul, have resembled him in your evil [accursed] life.
Solomon was carried away by gratification of his lust. Alas, he who loved Wisdom now makes love to prostitutes and finds himself estranged from God. But in your misery you have imitated him, O my soul, through thy disgraceful love of luxury.
You, my soul, have rivaled Rehoboam, who ignored his father’s wise advisers; and that vicious slave [evil servant] Jeroboam who divided the Kingdom and turned Israel to idols. Flee such likeness [shun such mimicry] and cry out to God, “I have sinned, have pity on me!”
Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.
Simple and undivided, One in essence and nature, Light and Lights,
One Holy and three Holies, God is praised as Trinity.
So sing praises to Him, O my soul, and glorify the Life and Lives, the God of all.
Now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.


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