Message from Fr. Wayne

Hello Christ the King 🙂

 It appears I am living in the cursed hell of presumption.

 A few weeks ago in a sermon I made the statement that God likes some people more than others. What more than a few heard was God loves some people more than others. I did not imagine how my intention might be misconstrued. Please allow me to clarify.

 *God loves us. * God loves each of us with a full and perfect love without condition. It is free and full and never changes. He will not love you any more tomorrow than He does now. He will not love you any less. He cannot for He is love. He is constant and therefore His love is

constant: it is unchanging and alters not with age, our sins, and our fickle devotions, our health, our station in life. Nothing can separate us from the love of God.

 *God likes us.* God has made each of us gift and given us gifts, talents, and callings. He likes the ball player, the die maker, the student, the professor, the pastor, the parishioner, the nun, the nurse.

He likes the trash guy, the cashier, the meter reader, the secretary, the boss. He likes the musician, the singer, the clown, the tone deaf, the sick, the hurting, the hard of hearing. He likes the funny guy and the serious one, the clumsy and the agile, the genius and the mentally challenged. He likes people of all body shapes, sizes and colors.

 He does not like sin, rebellion, transgression, iniquity, and cruelty.

 He likes you, His child, the way He made you. Change nothing.

He loves you, His child, without reservation.

 Call or e-mail me if you have any questions.

 I remain sincerely yours in Christ, 

 Fr. Wayne


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