Michaelmas (Fall) Ember Days

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Christ the King,

Psalm 144:15-16
“The eyes of all hope in thee, O Lord:
and thou givest them meat in due season.
Thou openest thy hand,
and fillest with blessing every living creature.”

Daylight hours are shorter, the night time lows are lower.  There is the hint of Fall in the air and we are wondering where the Summer went. The Fall Equinox is Saturday officially marking the beginning of the third of our Four Seasons.  

Oh, delicious Autumn! Trees lavish with spice colours… the earthy smell of their leaves burning in hypnotic flames… the rich colours of grapes, apples, pumpkin, and squash, of gold and scarlet flowers… the invigorating air inviting warm sweaters…The season is marked by a bounty that lends itself well to some wonderful holidays,In the midst of this beautiful time, things wizen and seem to begin to die. The air grows cooler, the earth stiffens, the trees tire of holding their leaves. (from fisheaters)

Festivals galore celebrating God’s blessing in  the bounty of the earth, bonfires, planting trees, chopping wood, raking leaves, the blessing of the animals (October fourth) , Thanksgiving, and the Fall Feasts of Michaelmas (St. Michael and All Angels), All Saints, and Christ the King.  Even the full moons of the season have special names:

September 30 – Harvest Moon

October 29 – Hunter’s Moon

November 28 – Beaver Moon

And this week we observe The Michaelmas Ember Days. (Wondering what Ember Days are? Go here for a brief explanation.) These are days to reflect on the previous season and bless the Lord for His great faithfulness and through abstinence/fasting and special attention to prayer seek Him for blessing and a fruitful season ahead. There is always a special emphasis on ordination and an increase of the ordained ministry in the Church and ordered life among the people God.

Make extra effort to attend prayer with others in the Parish this Wednesday evening or Friday sometime (7, 9, 12noon, 3, or an Ember Day Mass at 5:30)


Fr. Wayne




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