Monday of Holy Week

My dear brethren,

Our journey with the Lord through his passion continues today.  Rightly hailed and celebrated as Messiah King yesterday today we visit Jesus’ ‘cleansing’ of the Temple.  You will remember that Jesus did the same thing at the beginning of His ministry.

What comes to mind is the house touched with affliction in Leviticus, the “leprous” house.  After the priest’s initial examination and it is found to be afflicted with a particular kind of mold or mildew, the house is declared unclean.  Attempts to cleanse the house are made and then after a time if the same leprous growth is found the house is slated to be torn down.

In like manner Jesus comes to inspect his house, both the ‘house of Israel’ and the ‘house for His Name’ meaning the Temple.  The first time Jesus inspects His house is at the beginning of His ministry and finds it unclean.  He spends three years teaching, healing, casting out unclean spirits and confronting the spiritual leadership of Israel, and today our High Priest comes to inspect His house the second time He finds it still ‘leprous’ or unclean. The house must be torn down.  This literally happens in AD 70.

This is a sobering thought for us as we near the end of Lent.  We need to invite Him to come and inspect us a parish and and as His people. The Church is to be a holy place where we as individuals and as a fellowship take care to cast out all things impure, defiling, selfish. What have we admitted to our hearts, our thoughts, our attitudes that is defiling or life diminishing in our life together as a parish?  Have we allowed relationships to remain unclear, strained, or broken? What will we do to attain God’s high calling in His command, “Love one another as I have loved you?”

Lord, bring healing and wholeness to us as your people as we endeavour to live as lights for you in the world.

I hope to see some of you at noon.


Fr. Wayne


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