Prayer Request : Rebecca Bendrick stuck in snow among many others in Washington DC

Susan Bendrick’s daughter is stranded with many, many other vehicles. The road she is on is closed and her daughter is running out of gas. Many people have left their cars and walked away. Susan’s brother called and said he could not get to Rebecca, even with his 4 wheel drive. Her insurance company will not send a tow truck.

She did get her car to the side of the road, after a police officer demanded it. Susan has a friend in Washington who is going to try get someone to get her daughter and Susan’s brother is also going to try to get someone to get to her. Rebecca is on Suitland Parkway with only woods along it. So – it feels like a bad area. Rebecca is scared and alone.

Please pray for Rebecca to stay warm, that her battery lasts and that miraculously her gas lasts and Rebecca can stay warm. Susan thinks that Rebecca will be out in the cold all night.


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