Dear Church Family,
I have GREAT NEWS! I have been recalled back to work. God has continued to bless us in ways we cannot imagine.
However, We are also in need, we would like to ask the whole church community if anyone has an extra car that
might just be parked, not in use at this time. And if we could “borrow” it until we get our broken down one fixed.
I will be working second shift (3-11pm), and Brennan still has his job at the Pine club, and he also works
evenings too. We would need to borrow said car for about several weeks, to a month, and will be willing to put insurance, and gas, and provide routine maintenance as necessary.
Thank you for your consideration of this, and join me in rejoicing that God has blessed us, thankfully our finances will soon return to somewhat normalcy.
Blessings and Peace,
Dcn Dave


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