Neighborhood Transformation Training

cd937dcad0810bb55f81d2fb3c98d9b1Training of Local Trainers for Neighborhood Transformation. Dayton Ohio, February 7-9, 2013

Location: St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church 239 Wayne Ave Dayton, OH 45402

Time: Thursday and Friday Evening 6:00 to 9:30 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Cost: $40

Contact person: The Rev. Dcn. Val W. Finnell, MD, MPH (

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Collaborative for Neighborhood Transformation has over 35 years of international experience now to equip the urban poor in North America to transform their own lives and their neighborhoods. The goal is to facilitate transformed lives, neighborhoods and cities through the seamless combination of evangelism, discipleship and community development that is identified and owned by people in the neighborhood using available assets and resources. In urban USA settings this is called Neighborhood Transformation (NT). Neighborhood Transformation (NT) trains church lay-people how to enter an urban poor neighborhood, develop relationships and identify assets already found in the neighborhood in individuals and groups. Building on these assets, the goal is to see the gospel bring true poverty alleviation over time.

Neighborhood Transformation (NT) ultimately addresses the root causes of poverty, disease, and spiritual darkness by training neighborhood individuals to take more responsibility for their own lives and neighborhood. When implemented, neighborhoods gain the capacity to identify and solve problems, and then determine and implement sustainable solutions utilizing appropriate technologies. Vital biblical faith is nurtured at every step.

NT seeks to transform individuals and neighborhoods by helping churches address the root causes of poverty, disease and spiritual darkness by training local church people to share the gospel and mobilize neighborhood actions. Neighborhoods identify their assets and take responsibility for their own lives by learning to change things that they want to see changed in their neighborhood. NT is multi-faceted, functioning in urban poor neighborhoods as Community Health Evangelism functions in the developing world.

This weekend course for Training of Local Trainers (TOT) is being offered February 7-9, 2013. The training will introduce NT concepts while showing the tools and processes of implementing and managing Urban NT. Sessions are conducted in a participatory style with large and small group discussions, as well as various hands-on activities. These methods all easily transfer to the urban neighborhood setting.

NT TOT for Church Facilitators (14 Hour):

  • Introductions and Meeting Each Other

  • Neighborhood Transformation (power-point)

  • Biblical Basis of Wholistic Transformation

  • Comparing Relief, Betterment and Development

  • What is Good Health and a Community

  • Urban Setting

  • Gathering Primary and Secondary Information and Choosing Best Neighborhood

  • Focusing on Assets

  • Identifying Assets in Your Neighborhood

  • Knowing Your Neighbors

  • Working with Your Elementary School

  • Acquiring and Retaining Volunteers Overview

  • Using a Lesson Plan

  • Final Questions and Close


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