New Nursery Policy

In an effort to improve our nursery care for children on Sunday mornings, we have drafted a new policy and also have some new needs.

  1. We are in need of adults to do nursery. It would be really lovely if some of you ladies who don’t have children or are without children at home would volunteer. I know in the past some of you have been hesitant because you would missing the service, but we’ve changed that policy, too (see below). Please consider helping out. Our current young volunteers have done a great job and been very faithful, but it would really be best if we have an adult in the nursery at all times.
  2. Since we believe that Holy Communion is one of the most important things anyone (adult or child) can participate in every week, the new nursery policy will be as follows: Nursery is available for babies through 3 years old. We ask that parents please bring your children into the service after the sermon so that they and the nursery attendant(s) can partake in Communion. The nursery room is still available after the sermon, but there will be no nursery attendant. If you have any special needs, please talk with the nursery volunteer.”

Thank you all for being flexible and patient as we strive to figure out the best arrangement for our children and our nursery volunteers.


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