New Sunday School with Deacon Val

Beginning September 2nd.

Dear Brethren,

While all of life is to echo God’s mission in the world, as we leave the time of major seasons and feasts in the Calendar for Ordinary time, our missionary role in the world receives a greater attention. Take this opportunity to get to know Dcn. Val as he brings this study to us.

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Fr. Wayne

Principles of Holistic Ministry

The Bible reveals God as the creator and lord of everything. Yet for many people, including many Christians, this comprehensive view of reality has been obscured. An invisible line divides personal faith from areas of life such as work, recreation, and daily activities. We are left feeling fragmented, disconnected, and without purpose.

But God is at work today, leading a generation back to an undivided understanding of life. What lies beyond the sacred-secular divide that has plagued us for so long? A fulfilling, integrated life that unites faith and action, the spiritual and the physical, Sundays and the rest of the week. God cares about every part of life, and we have the incredible opportunity to join him in his all-encompassing redemptive plan for our world.

Join Deacon Val as he leads us through the text Beyond the Sacred Secular Divide and learn to apply the principles of holistic ministry.

The class will be an interactive discussion through the book. However, this is no mere Sunday School class but a call to action for the dominion of Jesus Christ. The principles learned will be immediately applicable to CTK’s outreach ministries.

Class starts on Sunday, September 2nd. Order your book today at the following online stores:


Youth With a Mission Publishing:


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