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A Request for the Refugee Ministry from Pam Laughlin:  I learned of a refugee family of 7 who has been cooking for months on an electric stove with only one working burner. It takes an incredibly long time to prepare a meal for the family. The landlord tells them they are responsible for replacing the stove. This would create a hardship for the family at this time because neither the husband or wife is working.The refugee ministry is wanting to help this family replace this stove with a good, clean stove. Can you help? We can arrange pick-up. Contact Pam Laughlin at

Evening Gathering for Women of the Church: You are all invited for an evening of fellowship on Thursday, September 19th at 7:00 pm at  Karen Perry’s house.  Please bring a small appetizer, wine, or dessert to share.

Graduation Open House: On Saturday, September 18th, celebrate the graduation of Dan Hack at the Hack’s home from 2-4pm! Please RSVP by September 18th to

Prison Ministry Info: Chuck Miller wants to share this link to a Columbus Dispatch article explaining more about prison ministry:


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