On This Feast of Holy Innocents

My Dear Brethren of Christ the King,

The days of martyrs leave us torn in two directions: sadness for the pain of sinful wrath and the injustice of violence toward the saints, and the celebration of faithful testimony and rejoicing of the privilege of suffering for His Name’s sake.  This day is perhaps the hardest because the victims are infants and families who lost their precious little ones.  The poem below is an English translation of a tribute made fourteen hundred years ago.

It is good to remember.

AND DO NOT FORGET NOON SERVICES AT THE STROOP RD ABORTION MILL. I hope you all will make efforts to attend.


Fr. Wayne

Words: Hymnum canentes martyrum, The Venerable Bede, 673-735
Translated by Joan Mason Neale, 1818-1866

1. A Hymn for Martyrs sweetly sing;
  For Innocents your praises bring;
Of whom in tears was earth bereaved,
  Whom heaven with songs of joy received;

2. Whose Angels see the Father's face
  World without end, and hymn His grace;
And, while they praise their glorious King,
  A hymn for Martyrs sweetly sing. 

3. A voice from Ramah was there sent,
  A voice of weeping and lament,
While Rachel mourned her children sore,
  Whom for the tyrant's sword she bore.

4. After brief taste of earthly woe
  Eternal triumph now they know;
For whom, by cruel torments rent,
  A voice from Ramah was there sent. 

5. And every tear is wiped away
  By your dear Father's hands for aye:
Death hath no power to hurt you more;
  Your own is life's eternal shore.

6. And all who, good seed bearing, weep,
  In everlasting joy shall reap,
What time they shine in heavenly day,
  And every tear is wiped away.


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