Prayer Request

From Dr. Kris Prenger:

I am almost for sure going to Afghanistan next week. I will represent Interserve on a board of the umbrella organization where some of our people work. My US boss and my local boss couldn’t go, so suddenly I was the senior person available to represent us.

The timing is interesting, as I was already going to be away from LAMB for another meeting. But turned out that meeting wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, so I was more or less able to just change plans and go to Afghanistan instead.

Please don’t worry too much, as I will only be allowed in ‘safe’ areas. I already received a map that says ‘You can walk here, but don’t walk there,’ etc. They sent a clothing guide and I am going out right now to get some long-sleeved clothes made.

I thought I better tell you that, to get you started praying!


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